From CAD and 3D printing to virtual reality and digital archiving, Z3D uses the latest tools and techniques to provide you with the highest quality scan data, perfectly optimized for any application.


3d scanning

Based in New Zealand, our experience working with both local and international clients enables us to deliver excellent results, no matter the challenge ahead.

3D scanning is the best way to digitally archive priceless artifacts, provides perfect reference for CAD reverse engineering, and a great way to showcase products online.

Working closely with the software developers at 3DFlow we are constantly researching 3D scan methodologies to ensure you get your 3D scans faster and with more detail than ever before.

3D Rendering

Want to fully show off your product to clients and customers? Photographs not quite enough anymore?

Wow people with real-time rendering 3D of scans and models! Great for advertising or displaying your work in it’s full capacity.

Sketchfab is a popular 3D sharing site which has a 3D viewer that can be embedded on your website or shared through social-media. You can manage your 3D library online, or we can manage it for you. Simple!


Alongside 3D capture, we provide colour accurate, high resolution art scanning for print and digital portfolios.

Tried taking photos of your artwork but the colours aren't quite right? Attempted to print a big picture only to be disappointed to see big pixels? Struggle no more!

Save yourself time and money, request a free quote today and get your artwork digitally archived so if anything happens to the original, you have the best backup possible!


We work with both local and international 3D print suppliers enabling you to get 3D prints in a wide range of materials.

Our experience and understanding of what makes a 3D print successful comes from pushing the limits of 3D print production.

Planning ahead for printing in the material of your choice means we help you get your prints right the first time.

Send us your problematic 3D print files and we will give you a free breakdown of why they aren't working. We can fix most problems quickly, and help you avoid issues in the future.