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3d caPTURE

The best way to digitally archive priceless artifacts, 3D scanning provides a perfect reference for CAD reverse engineering, and showcase products online.

Working closely with the software developers at 3DFlow we are constantly researching 3D scan methodologies to ensure you get your 3D scans faster and with more detail than ever before.

Based in New Zealand, our experience working with both local & international clients enables us to deliver excellent results, no matter the challenge ahead.



We capture color accurate, high-resolution digital imaging suitable for archiving work or sharing through online platforms.

Tried taking photos of your artwork but the colors aren't quite right? Attempted to print a big picture only to be disappointed to see big pixels? Struggle no more!

Save yourself time and money, request a free quote today and get your artwork digitally archived so if anything happens to the original, you have the best backup possible!

Boy on Train - By   Phoenix Attwood

Boy on Train - By Phoenix Attwood


360° photography is a fantastic way to invite people into your business from the comfort of their phone. It’s easier than ever to share immersive content online, and we can help you get started today!