Photo accurate

In our scanning lab, we use a wide range of technologies to create digital copies of real-world subjects. 

With our specialist scanning equipment, data acquisition is quick and painless. Our scan data can be scaled to real-world metrics and come with color-accurate textures to your resolution specification.

High-resolution textures are important and photogrammetric processing captures surface details beyond conventional scan methods.



LiDAR scan of Helicopter Hanger -  Ardmore Airport AKL

LiDAR scan of Helicopter Hanger - Ardmore Airport AKL

An additional service we provide is LiDAR capture of scenes and large objects. Using the Leica RTC360 we are able to resolve high levels of detail, scale accurate models converted to the polygonal format of your choice.



3dPrint_rowingMan-1 (1).jpg

We work with local and international 3D print companies to ensure top quality results no matter the project at hand. We have experience working with FDM, SLS, SLA and metal printing. Let us manage the process for you, or handle the project files yourself.