Here at Z3D we use a range of 3D scanning equipment to tailor our services for your subject. From LiDAR and structured light scanning to photogrammetry, we understand which tools to use to get the best results possible - We can also arrange to have your 3D scan printed in a range of different materials, such as steel or resin. If you have any questions, check out out 3D scanning FAQ.

High Detail

Using 3DF Zephyr and a custom capture workflow, we digitize all subjects, big and small - For capture which requires the highest resolution textures, photogrammetry is the ultimate technology, orienting a collection of photos in 3D space and extrapolating 3D geometry from their relative positions.

The 3D model above was captured for Sloane Dougherty, and represents one of his larger miniature figurines, Godrakk. With 50 hrs of paint time and just over an hour to capture, optimize and share online, 3D scanning shows off every minute of artistry in a way which photographs could not.

We capture our photogrammetry data-sets using Canon Full Frame cameras and a range of high quality optics. Our portable scanning lab which can come to you when your subject isn’t travel friendly, and our custom lighting solution enables us to shoot handheld for faster acquisition.


An additional service we provide is LiDAR capture of scenes and large objects. Using the Leica RTC360 we are able to resolve high levels of detail, scale accurate models converted to the polygonal format of your choice.


We work with local and international 3D print companies to ensure top quality results no matter the project at hand. We have experience working with FDM, SLS, SLA and metal printing. Let us manage the process for you, or handle the project files yourself.