Tried taking photographs of your artwork and not satisfied with the outcome? Relying on automatic settings and ambient light will almost always have colour cast, unwanted reflections and low dynamic range.

To ensure a faithful reproduction of your artwork, we use X-Rite calibration charts to create custom profiles for every shoot. When digitally previewing our fine art scans in studio, we use custom screen profiles, assuring their quality with the i1 Display Pro.

NOTE: We calibrate to the best of our ability, but you may find some colour variability when viewing files on different screens. This variability extends to print production; different paper stocks have different white points and inks will vary between print processes. Always get test prints on the final print media!

ultra resolution

We offer 300 DPI for 1:1 reproductions, 600 DPI for digital archiving, and for our ultra resolution art work reproductions we seamlessly stitch together multiple scans and can reach resolutions over 1000 megapixels.


We know you need things done yesterday, so we work tirelessly to get you scans completed as soon as possible - We aim to deliver results within 48hrs and send through preview images on request prior to purchase.